Turkish Information

In the wake of the coup, Erdoğan, who had been the mayor of Istanbul, went to jail. Until now, a paper like Hürriyet Daily News was never a specific concern of Erdoğan’s—he always cared far more about what was said within the Turkish language. But a time had come by which even HDN was deemed too critical of Erdoğan, somehow. As Yetkin wrote in a farewell letter, “I simply do not want to take part in the Gazeteler ultimate stage of the transformation of Turkish media as we know it.” The stage to which he’d referred was the Demirören Stage. But round 2008, after Erdoğan won his second term, the Turkish media grew to become the primary sacrificial victim of his deepening authoritarianism. In the years since, the most vocal and proficient journalists at these papers have been put on trial, thr

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